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Hurricane Proof Homes

Hurricane Screens FAQs


“Q” What is the cost of “Hurricane Screens” compared with other systems?


“A” Baja Hurricane Screens compare very favorably with other systems and the flexibility of installation allows them to be used where other systems might not be effective.

Local manufacture in La Paz eliminates shipping and import fees which can average $900.00 USD for systems shipped from the United States.


“Q” How are the screens installed?


“A” Stainless steel dropin anchors are permanently affixed to window perimeters. The screen is constructed with either stainless steel grommets or poly web strap loops. These loops are attached to the anchors with threaded stainless hooks. When the screens are not in use the drop in anchors are capped to prevent debris accumulation and provide a level walking area and a finished appearance.

We do provide a turn-key installation.


“Q” Can I do the installation?


“A” Yes. You will need an electric drill, carbide/wood drill bits, screwdriver, hammer or mallet and tape measure.

“Q” What maintenance do the screens require?


“A” A simple rinse with a hose and air dry after each use is recommended.


Preparing for Hurricane


“Q” How difficult is it to put up the screens when a storm approaches?


“A” The material is lightweight. Each screen and its attachment mechanism are custom made to each window/door. One person can put 5 average size screens in place in less than an hour.


Hurricane Proof Windows


“Q” Do the screens keep water from entering windows and doors?

“A” The densely woven mesh and angled intstallation shed approximatly 80% of driving rain. Rain that does penetrate the mesh “drizzles” downward and will not enter a closed window door or sliding door.


“Q” How can I get an estimate for my home or building?

“A” Just give us a call or email!

Representatives are available in La Paz, Todos Santos and Los Barriles who will schedule a walk of your property and provide you with an estimate for the screens and a turn-key installation.

Learn more about hurricanes here.

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